Clause Structure in South Asian Languages

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The researchers in the field of theoretical and theoretically inclined descriptive linguistics have for a long time felt a need for detailed and clearly presented linguistic treatments of various syntactic phenomena in South Asian languages.

Clause Structure in South Asian Languages:

provides a comprehensive overview and covers major aspects of clause structure in a variety of South Asian languages;

provides detailed analyses of several aspects of phrase structure of many prominent South Asian languages;

gives theoretically up-to-date treatment of several important issues in South Asian syntax and semantics;

contains papers by some of the most prominent linguists working on South Asian languages.


Introduction Clause Structure in South Asian Languages: General Introduction; Veneeta Dayal, Anoop Mahajan Functional Projections 1. Some Developments in the Functional Architecture of the Kannada Clause; R. Amritavalli 2. Two Types of Negation in Bengali; Gillian Ramchand Argument Structure 3. The Serial Verb Construction in Malayalam; K.A. Jayaseelan 4. Causation and Reflexivity in Kannada; Jeffrey Lidz 5. Light Verb Raising, Empty Preposition and Zero Derivation; P. Madhavan Case Theory 6. The Status of Case; Miriam Butt, Tracy King 7. Structural Case, Lexical Case and the Verbal Projection; Alice Davison Movement Phenomena 8. Particle Movement in Sinhala and Japanese; Paul Hagstrom 9. The Topic Interpretation in Universal Grammar; Ayesha Kidwai 10. Remarks on Adsentential, Adnominal, and Extraposed Relative Clauses in Hindi; James D. McCawley
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