Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Complex Data Problems

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April 2005



This book reviews some of today's more complex problems, and reflects some of the important research directions in the field. Twenty-nine authors - largely from Montreal's GERAD Multi-University Research Center and who work in areas of theoretical statistics, applied statistics, probability theory, and stochastic processes - present survey chapters on various theoretical and applied problems of importance and interest to researchers and students across a number of academic domains.


Foreword.- Contributing Authors.- Preface.- Dependence Properties of Meta-Elliptical Distributions.- The Statistical Significance of Palm Beach County.- Bayesian Functional Estimation of Hazard Rates for Randomly Right Censored Data Using Fourier Series Methods.- Conditions for the Validity of F-Ratio Tests for Treatment and Carryover Effects in Crossover Designs.- Bias in Estimating the Variance of K-Fold Cross Validation.- Effective Construction of Modified Histograms in Higher Dimensions.- On Robust Diagnostics at Individual Lags Using RA-ARX Estimators.- Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for Periodic Preventive Replacement Policies.- Statistics for Comparison of Two Independent cDNA Filter Microarrays.- Large Deviations for Interacting Processes in the Strong Topology.- Asymptotic Distribution of a Simple Linear Estimator for VARMA Models in Echolon Form.- Recent Results for Linear Time Series Models with Non Independent Innovations.- Filtering of Images for Detecting Multiple Targets Trajectories.- Optimzal Detection of Periodicities in Vector Autoregressive Models.- The Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test for Cluster Correlated Data.
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