Defense Against Bioterror: Detection Technologies, Implementation Strategies and Commercial Opportunities: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research W

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This is a critical assessment of breakthrough biosensor technologies that will allow for the rapid identification of biological threat agents in the environment and human population. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of biological weapons threat, and reviews biosensor technologies including detection platforms, networked alarm-type biodetector systems, implementation strategies, electro-optical and electrochemical biosensors.


List of Contributors. Preface. Strategic Actionable Net-Centric Biological Defense System; S. Kornguth. Natural Toxins: The Past and the Present; E. Grishin. Biological Weapons Inspections- The Iraq Experience; E.B. Myhre. Integrated, Secure and Sustainable Disease Surveillance System In Uzbekistan: Aspects of Laboratory Research Networks; F.T. Adilova. Apds, A-Network-Ready, Broad Spectrum, Environmental Pathogen Detection System; F. P. Milanovich et al. Concept Design of Autonomous Biological Agent Detector System (Abads); R. Barton.et al. Role of Prototype System Demonstrations in the Development of Detection-Based Wmd Defenses; L. Brandt. Validation Testing for Biological Threat Organisms; T.L. Hadfield. Development of Bioaerosol Alarming Detector; A.v.Wuijckhuijse et al. Biodetection Using Micro-Physiometry Tools Based on Electrokinetic Phenomena; R. Pethig. Electrooptical Technique for Detection and Identification of Biological Agents; Victor Bunin. Detection of Microbial Cells with Electrooptical Analysis; O.V. Ignatov et al. Recent Advance in Electrochemical and Photochemical Transduction Strategies for Immunosensors Based on Electropolymerized Films; S. Cosnier. Technological Platforms based on Micro/Nanobiosensors as Early Warning Systems for Biological Warfare; L.M. Lechuga et al. Cata1ytic Beacons for the Detection of DNA and Telomerase Activity; Y. Xiao et al. Critical Elements of Biological Sensor Technology for Deployment in an Environmental Network System; D. Ivnitski et al. Electrochemical Immunosensor for Detection of Francisella Tularensis; P. Skladal et al. Biosensors and Nanotechnological Immunochips for the Detection and Monitoring of Chemical and Biological Agents; S. Varfolomeyev et al. Biosensors for Defense against Terrorism; M. Mascini and L. Palchetti. Biosensors and Biomimetic Sensors for the Detection of Drugs, Toxins and Biological Agents; A.P.F. Turner and S. Piletsky. Chemical Multi-Sensor Arrays for Liquids Monolithic IntegrationUsing Microelectronic Technology; A. Bratov and C. Dominguez. Immunochemical Approaches for Rapid Detection of Biologically Active Compounds; B.B. Dzantiev et al. Multifunctional Liquid-Crystallione DNA based Biosensing Units Capable of Detecting Biologically Relevant Compounds; Yu.M. Yevdokimov. Subject Index.
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