IUTAM Symposium on Chaotic Dynamics and Control of Systems and Processes in Mechanics

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The interest of the applied mechanics community in chaotic dynamics of engineering systems has exploded in the last fifteen years, although research activity on nonlinear dynamical problems in mechanics started well before the end of the Eighties. It developed first within the general context of the classical theory of nonlinear oscillations, or nonlinear vibrations, and of the relevant engineering applications. This was an extremely fertile field in terms of formulation of mechanical and mathematical models, of development of powerful analytical techniques, and of understanding of a number of basic nonlinear phenomena. At about the same time, meaningful theoretical results highlighting new solution methods and new or complex phenomena in the dynamics of deterministic systems were obtained within dynamical systems theory by means of sophisticated geometrical and computational techniques. In recent years, careful experimental studies have been made to establish the actual occurrence and observability of the predicted dynamic phenomena, as it is vitally needed in all engineering fields. Complex dynamics have been shown to characterize the behaviour of a great number of nonlinear mechanical systems, ranging from aerospace engineering applications to naval applications, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, robotics and biomechanics, and other areas. The International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics grasped the importance of such complex phenomena in the Eighties, when the first IUTAM Symposium devoted to the general topic of nonlinear and chaotic dynamics in applied mechanics and engineering was held in Stuttgart (1989).


(KL - Key Lecture, P- Poster Presentation) Preface
Welcome Address by the Vice-President of IUTAM
Obituary I: Bifurcation, Chaos and Control
Chaotic Clocks: A Paradigm for the Evolution of Noise in Machines (KL); F.C. Moon
Explorations into the Nonlinear Dynamics of a Single DOF System Coupled to a Wideband Autoparametric Vibration Absorber; A.K. Bajaj, A. Vyas, and A. Raman
Adaptive Partial Observers with Application to Time-Varying Chaotic Systems (P); D.V. Efimov and A.L. Fradkov
Nonlinear Dynamics of a Heavy Material Particle along a Circle which Rotates and Optimal Control (P); K. (Stevanovic) Hedrih
Bifurcation and Chaos in Mechanical Applications: A Dynamical Systems Approach to Their Control; S. Lenci and G. Rega
Nonlinear Normal Modes and Chaotic Motions in Oscillatory Chains; L.I. Manevitch, O.V. Gendelman and A.V. Savin
Patterns of Bifurcation Suppressing Escape at Internal Resonance; G.H.M. van der Heijden and J.M.T Thompson II: Mechanical Systems
Spatial Motion of CVTChains (KL); F.Pfeiffer
Nonlinear Phenomena in Resonators; B. Balachandran and H. Li
Dynamics and Parametric Identification of Geared Rotordynamic Systems; D. Giagopulos, C. Salpistis, and S. Natsiavas
Global Bifurcation of Nonlinear Thermoelastic Microbeams Subject to Electrodynamic Actuation; O. Gottlieb and A.R. Champneys
Nonlinear Interaction in MHD Bearings under Oscillating Electric Fields; B. Schweizer and J. Wauer
Parametrically Excited MEMS-Based Filters; S.W. Shaw, K.L. Turner, J.F. Rhoads, and R. Baskaran
The Chaotic Oscillations of High-Speed Milling; G. Stépán, R. Szalai, and S.J. Hogan
On the Dynamics of a Railway Freight Wagon Wheelset with Dry Friction Damping; H. True and L. Trzepacz III: Structural Systems
Post-Critical Finite, Planar Dynamics of a Circular Arch: Experimental and Theoretical Characterization of Transitions to Nonregular Motions; F. Benedettiniand R. Alaggio
Phase Space Warping: A Dynamical Systems Approach to Diagnostics and Prognostics; J.P. Cusumano and D. Chelidze
Time Integration Techniques to Investigate the Long-Term Behaviour of Dissipative Structural Systems (P); U Galvanetto and P.B. Bornemann
Identification and Construction of Reduced Order Models for Infinite Dimensional Systems in Nonlinear Elastodynamics (P); I.T. Georgiou
The Non-Linear Dynamics of Thin Walled Shell Structures; P.B. Gonçalves and Z.J.G.N. del Prado
Influence of Boundary Conditions Relaxation on Panel Flutter; R.A. Ibrahim, D.M. Beloiu, and C.L. Pettit
Solutions of a Shallow Arch under Fast and Slow Excitations (P); F. Lakrad and M. Belhaq
Nonlinear Oscillations of a Buckled Mechanism Used as a Vibration Isolator; R.H. Plaut, L.A. Alloway, and L.N. Virgin IV: Nonsmooth Dynamics
Non-Smooth Dynamics of a Double-.Belt Friction Oscillator; P. Casini and F. Vestroni
Corner-Collision and Grazing-Sliding Practical Examples of Border-Collision Bifurcations; M. di Bernardo, A.R. Champneys, and P. Kowalczyk
Dynamics of Discontinuous Systems with Imperfections and Noise; T. Griffin and S.J. Hogan
Stick-Slip Whirl Interaction in Drillstring Dynamics; R.I. Leine and D.H. van Campen
The Mapping Dynamics of a Three-PieceWise Linear System under a Periodic Excitation (P); A.C.J. Luo
Two Dimensional Map for Impact Oscillator with Drift (P); E.E. Paviovskaia and M. Wiercigroch
Dynamics of Mechanical Systems with Soft Impacts; F. Peterka
Nonlinear Dynamics of Non-Smooth Mechanical Systems: Theoretical and Experimental Studies; M. Wiercigroch, E.E. Pavlovskaia, and E.V. Karpenko V: Delay and Random Systems
Global Dynamics of a Duffing System with Delayed Velocity Feedback; H. Hu
Noise-Induced Synchronization and Stochastic Resonance in a Bistable System (P); A. Kovaleva
Delay Equations with Fluctuating Delay: Application to Variable Speed Machining; N.


From the reviews:
"The volume under review ... shows which subjects in the field of nonlinear dynamics and control are currently hot research topics in the applied mechanics community. ... There is no doubt that this volume will be great help for everybody, but especially for young scientists wishing to enter this field because it gives a nice state-of-the-art collection of papers on the subject from the engineering point of view." (Hans Troger, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1106 (8), 2007)
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