Ecological Economics

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Ecological economics is an interdisciplinary field of study that combines insights from the natural sciences, economics, and philosophy to develop innovative approaches to environmental problems. This book provides an introduction to the field of ecological economics for students in the natural sciences and other environmental disciplines.


Part I: Foundations for Ecological Economics:1. Introduction2. A Brief History of Ecological Economic Thought3. Economic Principles for Non-economists4. Ethics and Environmental Philosophy
Part II: Value and Valuation Tools:5. The Concept of Value6. The Economic Approach to Environmental Valuation7. The Ecological Approach to Environmental Evaluation
Part III: Frameworks for Decision-Making:8. Cost Benefit Analysis9. Environmental Impact Assessment10. Multicriteria Appraisal11. National Income Accounting
Part IV: Applications: Theory and Practice:12. Resource Harvesting13. Nature Conservation14. Pollution and Waste References Index


"The book is very well produced, and each chapter has its own short reading list as well as a longer set of collective references. As an introductory textbook to the field, or as a resource for professionals and scientists to broaden their knowledge of methods and approaches, this book can be strongly recommended." Philip Thornton, Agricultural Systems 72, 2002
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