Dames in the Driver's Seat: Rereading Film Noir

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September 2005



Astute analyses of how gender, class, and race have been portrayed in classic film noir (1941-1958) and in retro-noir and neo-noir films of the 1990s


Introduction. Dames and Driving Section One: Contents and Contexts One. Manning the Posts: Classic Noir, Postclassic Noir, and Postmodernism; Two. Sexing the Paradigm: Women and Men in Noir; Three. Racing the Paradigm: The Whiteness of Film Noir Section Two: Prototypes in Classic Noir Four. The Killers (1946): Quintessential Noir?; Five. Out of the Past (1947): Passive Masculinity and Active Femininities; Six. Kiss Me Deadly (1955): Apocalyptic Femmes Section Three: Return of the Repressed in Retro-Noir Seven. L.A. Confidential (1997) and Casablanca (1942): Does Anything Change as Time Goes By?; Eight. Mulholland Falls (1996): Nuclear Noir as Numbskull Noir; Nine. Fight Club (1999): Retro-Noir Masquerades as Neo-Noir Section Four: Revision of the Repressed in Neo-Noir Ten. Twilight (1998): Age, Beauty, and Star Power-- Survival of the Fittest; Eleven. Fargo (1996): A Woman Who Is Not Herself Mean--Snow-swept Highways and Margie Chapter Twelve. Jackie Brown (1997): Gender, Race, Class, and Genre Conclusion. Doing It for bell: Cultural Criticism and Social Change
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