The Bullet Meant for Me

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September 2005



Rich with insight and vividly told, this is the powerful memoir of a Texas journalist who almost died for being a "tough guy" and got his life back being a man.


"Simultaneously haunting and heartwarming, this memoir brings the horror of random (or almost random) violence fully to life and demonstrates how one man used that experience as a stepping-stone toward his own intellectual enlightenment." Washington Post "Reid has written a striking, intensely personal, and emotionally honest record of his life." Publishers Weekly "How rare they seem in the world, these too-few stories of redemption and dignity. The Bullet Meant for Me is alternately nightmarish and light-filled, and impossible to turn away from." Rick Bass "Jan Reid's memoir is a powerful story of love, loss, and one kind of redemption. Living to tell such a tale is an accomplishment in itself, but it takes an even greater talent to write it so beautifully." Abraham Verghese "This is an honest, enthralling memoir that hits with the impact of a bullet in the gut. Reading it will force you to reevaluate many things you take for granted." Bud Shrake "There's a wealth of strong imagery in this memoir, but what truly generates its power is the magnetism of decency that allows the writer, and vicariously the reader, to rise beyond fear and the chaos of rage." Denver Post
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