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This volume collects the papers presented at the 10th International Conference on Database Theory, ICDT 2005, held during January 5-7, 2005, in Edinburgh, UK. ICDT (http://alpha.luc.ac.be/~lucp1080/icdt/) has now a long tra- tion of international conferences, providing a biennial scienti?c forum for the communication of high-quality and innovative research results on theoretical - pects of all forms of database systems and database technology. The conference usually takes place in Europe, and has been held in Rome (1986), Bruges (1988), Paris (1990), Berlin (1992), Prague (1995), Delphi (1997), Jerusalem (1999), London (2001), and Siena (2003) so far. ICDT has merged with the Sym- sium on Mathematical Fundamentals of Database Systems (MFDBS), initiated in Dresden in 1987, and continued in Visegrad in 1989 and Rostock in 1991. ICDT had a two-stage submission process. First, 103 abstracts were subm- ted, which were followed a week later by 84 paper submissions. From these 84 submissions, the ICDT Program Committee selected 24 papers for presentation at the conference. Most of these papers were "extended abstracts" and preli- nary reports on work in progress. It is anticipated that most of these papers will appear in a more polished form in scienti?c journals.


Invited Papers.- Model Checking for Database Theoreticians.- The Design Space of Type Checkers for XML Transformation Languages.- Semantics of Data Streams and Operators.- Regular Papers.- Conjunctive Query Evaluation by Search Tree Revisited.- Which XML Schemas Admit 1-Pass Preorder Typing?.- The Pipelined Set Cover Problem.- Session: Query Languages and Types.- Well-Definedness and Semantic Type-Checking in the Nested Relational Calculus and XQuery.- First Order Paths in Ordered Trees.- An Abstract Framework for Generating Maximal Answers to Queries.- Session: Multi-dimensional Data Processing.- Optimal Distributed Declustering Using Replication.- When Is Nearest Neighbors Indexable?.- Nonmaterialized Motion Information in Transport Networks.- Session: Algorithmic Aspects.- Algorithms for the Database Layout Problem.- Approximately Dominating Representatives.- On Horn Axiomatizations for Sequential Data.- Session: Privacy and Security.- Privacy in Database Publishing.- Anonymizing Tables.- Authorization Views and Conditional Query Containment.- Session: Logic and Databases.- PTIME Queries Revisited.- Asymptotic Conditional Probabilities for Conjunctive Queries.- Magic Sets and Their Application to Data Integration.- Session: Query Rewriting.- View-Based Query Processing: On the Relationship Between Rewriting, Answering and Losslessness.- First-Order Query Rewriting for Inconsistent Databases.- Rewriting Queries Using Views with Access Patterns Under Integrity Constraints.- Session: Query Processing, and Data Streams.- Optimal Workload-Based Weighted Wavelet Synopses.- Selecting and Using Views to Compute Aggregate Queries.- Efficient Computation of Frequent and Top-k Elements in Data Streams.


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