Cyberspace Security and Defense: Research Issues

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Cyberspace security is a critical subject of our times. On one hand the development of Internet, mobile communications, distributed computing, computer software and databases storing essential enterprise information has helped to conduct business and personal communication between individual people. On the other hand it has created many opportunities for abuse, fraud and expensive damage. This book is a selection of the best papers presented at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop dealing with the Subject of Cyberspace Security and Defense. The level of the individual contributions in the volume is advanced and suitable for senior and graduate students, researchers and technologists who wish to get some feeling of the state of the art in several sub-disciplines of Cyberspace security. Several papers provide a broad-brush description of national security issues and brief summaries of technology states. These papers can be read and appreciated by technically enlightened managers and executives who want to understand security issues and approaches to technical solutions. An important question of our times is not "Should we do something for enhancing our digital assets security", the question is "How to do it".


Part 1: General Security Issues. IT Security Development: Computer-Aided Tool Supporting Design and Evaluation; A. Bialas. A Case for Public and Private Review of Developing IT Security Standards; R.A. Frenc and T. Grance. Assuring Critical Information Infrastructure; S.K. Katsikas. Systemic Challenges for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection; M. Masera. Decentralized Energy Supply to Secure Computer Systems; I. Tyukhov.
Part 2: Dependability Safety Analysis Methods-Software Development Questions; T. Cichocki. Trust Case-A Case for Trustworthiness of IT Infrastructures; J. Górski. Dependability, Structure, and Infrastructure; B. Randell. Design for Safety and Security of Complex Embedded Systems: A Unified Approach; E. Schoitsch.
Part 3: Networks Design of Distributed Sensor Networks for Security and Defense; Z. Karakehayov. A Distributed Approach to the Recognition of Geographically Located IP Devices; G. Markowsky et al. Situational Awareness and Network Traffic Analysis; J. McHugh et al.
Part 4: Early Warning Information Systems and Secure Access Control Honeynets: Foundations for the Development of Early Warning Information Systems; F. Pouget et al. IRIS Biometrics for Secure Remote Access; A. Pacut et al. New Directions in Access Control; P. Samarati and S. De Capitani di Vimercati.
Part 5: Cryptography Improved Block Cipher Counter Mode of Operations Schemes; I. Gorbenko and S. Golovashich. Electronic Signature in Real World; V. Jokovd. A Note on Two Significant Developments in Cyberspace Security and Defense; J.S. Kowalik. A Cryptographic Mobile Agent Implementing Secure Personal Content Delivery Protocol; B. Ziólkowski and J. Stoklosa.
Part 6: Intrusion Detection An Infrastructure for Distributed Event Acquisition; H. Debar et al. Some Aspects of Neural Network: Approach for Intrusion Detection; V. Golovko and P. Kochurko.
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