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This volume contains the papers selected for presentation at the 2nd Inter- tional Workshop on Active Mining (AM 2003) which was organized in conju- tion with the 14th International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems (ISMIS 2003), held in Maebashi City, Japan, 28-31 October, 2003. The workshop was organized by the Maebashi Institute of Technology in - operation with the Japanese Society for Arti?cial Intelligence. It was sponsored by the Maebashi Institute of Technology, the Maebashi Convention Bureau, the Maebashi City Government, the Gunma Prefecture Government, JSAI SIGKBS (Japanese Arti?cial Intelligence Society, Special Interest Group on Knowledge- Based Systems), a Grant-in-Aid for Scienti?c Research on Priority Areas (No. 759) "Implementation of Active Mining in the Era of Information Flood," US AFOSR/AOARD, the Web Intelligence Consortium (Japan), the Gunma Inf- mation Service Industry Association, and Ryomo Systems Co., Ltd. ISMIS is a conference series that was started in 1986 in Knoxville, Tennessee. SincethenithasbeenheldinCharlotte(NorthCarolina),Knoxville(Tennessee), Torin (Italy), Trondheim (Norway), Warsaw (Poland), Zakopane (Poland), and Lyon (France). The objective of this workshop was to gather researchers as well as prac- tioners who are working on various research ?elds of active mining, share ha- learned experiences, and shed light on the future development of active mining.


Overview.- Active Mining Project: Overview.- Tutorial Papers.- Computational and Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics.- Indexing and Mining Audiovisual Data.- Active Information Collection.- Relevance Feedback Document Retrieval Using Support Vector Machines.- Micro View and Macro View Approaches to Discovered Rule Filtering.- Mining Chemical Compound Structure Data Using Inductive Logic Programming.- First-Order Rule Mining by Using Graphs Created from Temporal Medical Data.- Active Data Mining.- Extracting Diagnostic Knowledge from Hepatitis Dataset by Decision Tree Graph-Based Induction.- Data Mining Oriented CRM Systems Based on MUSASHI: C-MUSASHI.- Investigation of Rule Interestingness in Medical Data Mining.- Experimental Evaluation of Time-Series Decision Tree.- Spiral Multi-aspect Hepatitis Data Mining.- Sentence Role Identification in Medline Abstracts: Training Classifier with Structured Abstracts.- CHASE 2 - Rule Based Chase Algorithm for Information Systems of Type ?.- Active User Reaction.- Empirical Comparison of Clustering Methods for Long Time-Series Databases.- Spiral Mining Using Attributes from 3D Molecular Structures.- Classification of Pharmacological Activity of Drugs Using Support Vector Machine.- Cooperative Scenario Mining from Blood Test Data of Hepatitis B and C.- Integrated Mining for Cancer Incidence Factors from Healthcare Data.


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