Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems

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2 TheaimoftheannualW GIS workshop is to provide an up-to-date review of advances on recent development of Web and wireless geographical information systems, and new challenges and opportunities for researchers, developers and 2 users in the GIS community. The main topic of the W GIS workshop is theor- ical and technical issues of Web and wireless geographical information systems. This workshop followed the successful 2001, 2002 and 2003 editions, held in - oto, Singapore and Rome, respectively. The 2004 edition was held in Goyang, Korea. 2 In its 4th year, W GIS reached new heights of recognition as a quality wo- shopforthedisseminationanddiscussionofnewwaysofaccessingandanalyzing geospatial information. This year, 39 papers were submitted from 15 countries, and 20 papers were accepted from 11 countries. Similarly, the Program C- mittee consisted of 39 members from 16 countries. We had the privilege of having three distinguished invited talks: "Eliciting User Preferences in Web Urban Spaces," Yanwu Yang and Christophe Cla- munt, Naval Academy Research Institute, France; "Discovering Regional Inf- mation from Web: Localness and Landmark Computation," Katsumi Tanaka, Department of Social Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto U- versity, Japan; and "Towards Knowing, Always and Everywhere, Where - erything Is, Precisely," Christian S. Jensen, Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark.


Web GIS.- Web Services Framework for Geo-spatial Services.- Temporal and Spatial Attribute Extraction from Web Documents and Time-Specific Regional Web Search System.- Mobile GIS and LBS.- Broadcasting and Prefetching Schemes for Location Dependent Information Services.- A Geocoding Method for Natural Route Descriptions Using Sidewalk Network Databases.- Location-Based Tour Guide System Using Mobile GIS and Web Crawling.- A Progressive Reprocessing Transaction Model for Updating Spatial Data in Mobile Computing Environments.- Interoperability and Security in W2GIS.- Mediation for Online Geoservices.- A Generic Framework for GIS Applications.- Intrusion Detection System for Securing Geographical Information System Web Servers.- Indexing and Query Processing in W2GIS.- In-Route Skyline Querying for Location-Based Services.- P2P Spatial Query Processing by Delaunay Triangulation.- Expansion-Based Algorithms for Finding Single Pair Shortest Path on Surface.- MR-Tree: A Cache-Conscious Main Memory Spatial Index Structure for Mobile GIS.- Map Services for LBS.- Developing Non-proprietary Personalized Maps for Web and Mobile Environments.- Labeling Dense Maps for Location-Based Services.- Mobile SeoulSearch: A Web-Based Mobile Regional Information Retrieval System Utilizing Location Information.- 3-D GIS and Telematics.- A Novel Indexing Method for Digital Video Contents Using a 3-Dimensional City Map.- VRML-Based 3D Collaborative GIS: A Design Perspective.- Arrival Time Dependent Shortest Path by On-Road Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network.


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