Race and Justice: Rodney King and O. J. Simpson in a House Divided

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September 1996



In this book, psychologist and scholar Jewelle Taylor Gibbs puts the Rodney King and O.J. Simpson trials under the microscope to show that the issue of race was at the very heart of both of these emotionally charged cases. And, she observes, given the racial and ethnic composition of the members of the two juries, their verdicts were all but predictable in view of their different experiences with the police. The book reviews the turbulent events of the so-called trials of the century and examines them from a social and political framework of race relations and police misconduct. The author points out that King and Simpson, two apparently dissimilar men, came from remarkably similar backgrounds. And she shows how their trials have linked them forever as symbols of the different worlds inhabited by blacks and whites in America.


RODNEY KING. Los Angeles: From Watts to South Central. Rodney King: Gentle Giant or Gorilla in the Mist? The Colour of Justice, I: The Trial, The Victim, The Verdict. Days of Rage: No Justice, No Peace. Two Commissions and Three Trials: Community Conflict and Concepts of Justice. O.J. SIMPSON. O.J. Simpson: The Man, The Myth, The Marriage. The Crime, The Chase, The Arrest. The People vs. O.J. Simpson: The Trial Begins. Ambushing the Prosecution: Playing the Race Card. The Colour of Justice, II: The Verdict, The Response, The Aftermath. RACE AND JUSTICE. Bad Blood: Conspiracy Theories and the Black Community. A House Divided: Healing the Wound, Restoring the Dream. Appendix A: Research Note. Appendix B: People Interviewed.


JEWELLE TAYLOR GIBBS a clinical psychologist and consultant, is Zellerbach Family Fund professor of social policy at the School of Social Welfare, University of California at Berkeley. She is the coauthor of Children of Color (Jossey-Bass, 1989) and the editor of Young, Black, and Male in America: An Endangered Species (Greenwood Press, 1988).


"Gibbs' book, an in-depth analysis of the Rodney King and O.J. Simpson cases, is bold, courageous scholarship. Penned by a talented clinical psychologist, the study rises above superficiality and even now stands out from the large body of opportunistic, commercial Simpson-King literature. . . . An instant classic." "An excellent manual. . . . Offers constructive insights into both trials from intellectuals, educators and lawyers as well as social workers and community support counselors." "Gibbs finds context and meaning in this first serious, scholarly study of Rodney King and O.J. Simpson cases." ?Race and Justice penetrates the searing headlines of two of the most celebrated criminal trials in American history to ponder their broader implications for our society. Jewelle Taylor Gibbs, the wise and insightful author, offers trenchant observations about the future of race relations in Los Angeles that Americans everywhere should heed, and in a hurry.? -- Hugh B. Price, president, National Urban League ?Must reading for those who want to reinvent the jury system, improve race relations, and make sense of the Rodney King and O.J. Simpson verdicts and their racially polarized aftermaths. Drawing on history, sociology, and psychology, the author analyzes these controversial verdicts and concludes that they are the legacy of racial injustice and police violence.? --Eddie N. Williams, president, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies ?Sensitive and gripping. Essential for anyone who wants to understand police and racial tension in America.? --Joseph D. McNamara, retired police chief of San Jose, California, research fellow, Hoover Institution Stanford University ?Sensitive and gripping. Essential for anyone who wants to understand police and racial tension in America? --Joseph D. McNamara, retired police chief of San Jose, research fellow, Hoover Institution Stanford University "An important, thoughtful analysis.
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