Economic Strategy and National Security: A Next Generation Approach

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April 2000



The Asian financial crisis, the advent of the Euro, the current banana trade war, and the erosion of America's manufacturing base all illustrate the changing and complex agenda for American foreign policy entering the new millennium. This book arises from a two-year project by the Council on Foreign Relations, one of the world's premier foreign policy think tanks, to articulate a "Next Generation" approach to American foreign policy. The book concludes that our conception of American security must change to address financial and technological opportunities, as well as emerging threats.


* Foreword Mack McLarty * Introduction and Overview Patrick DeSouza Conceptual Underpinnings * American Leadership in the Information Age Dave McCurdy * The Spirit of the Age Gary Hart * Is Anybody Out There Listening? Communicating Foreign Policy in the Post Cold War Era Antony J. Blinken Response to Globalization * Updating Our Conception of Trade Leadership Albert Fishlow & Patrick DeSouza * Economic Transformation and Political Reaction: Globalization in Historical Context Brian VanDeMark * Donations and Double Standards: Trade and Global Public Integrity Deroy Murdock * Taking Sanctions into the Twenty-first Century M. Diana Helweg Capital Markets * U.S. International Financial Policy Jeffrey R. Shafer * The Internationalization of the Social Security Problem Albert Fishlow and Patrick DeSouza * U.S. Capital Market Leadership in the Changing Global Economy J. Carter Beese, Jr. * Dollarization Julie T. Katzman The Information Age * Telecommunications Eugene A. Sekulow * The Foreign Policy of the Internet Robert D. Hormats * International Venture Capital Jeffrey D. Nuechterlein * Danger.com: National Security in a Wired World Lawrence Greenberg Emerging Markets: Unfinished Business and the Future * Economic Dimensions of Security in Russia John E. Tedstrom * Changing ChinaA Search for Perspective James E. Bass * Middle Market Capitalism in China Nicholas Rockefeller * Mainstreaming the Americas Eric Farnsworth * Conclusion Patrick J. DeSouza and Laura Hills


Patrick J. DeSouza is a banker with Violy, Byorum & Partners Holdings LLC - an investment bank focused on Latin America. During 1997-98, he served in the White House as a Director for Inter-American Affairs on President Clinton's National Security Council. He is a graduate of Columbia College, Yale Law School and Stanford Graduate School. He has been a senior editor on the Yale Law Journal and editor-in-chief of the Yale Journal of International Law. In addition, Dr. DeSouza has been a term member, international affairs fellow and the inaugural "Next Generation" fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is the author of several articles on foreign economic policy and law.
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