Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Educators and Trainers

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August 2005



Emphasising the issues of usability, accessibility, evaluation and effectiveness and illustrated by case studies drawn from contemporary projects from around the world, this book considers: the fundamentals of mobile technologies and devices the educational foundations of modern networked learning the issues that underpin mobile learning and make it accessible for all users the challenges of making mobile learning a substantial and sustainable component in colleges, universities and corporations implications and issues for the future.

Mobile Learning provides useful, authoritative and comprehensive guidance for professionals in higher and further education and trainers in the business sector who want to find out about the opportunities offered by new technologies to deliver, support and enhance teaching, learning and training.


Introduction and Overview "Dr Agnes Kukulska-Hulme "2. Technology/Systems "Jill Attewell and Dr Carol Savill-Smith "3. Usability "Dr Agnes Kukulska-Hulme "4. Pedagogy "Dr Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and John Traxler "5. Accessibility and Assistive Technologies "Peter Rainger" 6. Case Studies: John Traxler; Andy Ramsden; Dr Ian Weber; Jon Trinder; Dr Rose Luckin; John Traxler; Dr Michael Levy and Claire Kennedy; Prof. Mike Sharples; Dr Roger Kneebone; Dr Agnes Kukulska-Hulme; Dr Carol Savill-Smith; Dr Joseph Lee; Dr. Kurt Hackemer and Dr. Doug Peterson; (Provisional) O. Smordal 7. Embedding, Effectiveness, Evaluation and Ethics "John Traxler " 8. Conclusions "Dr Agnes Kukulska-Hulme"


'This book can be recommended to educators and trainers developing or using mobile learning. Most of the materials in the contextual chapters (and useful glossary) will endure, and the case studies provide a useful and interesting snapshot of some of the projects undertaken by mobile learning pioneers and early adopters. Whilst the technologies used in future mobile learning initiatives may differ from those used in the projects reported in the book, some of the issues faced may be similar, particularly those relating to human and organisational factors, and it is helpful that we can learn from the experiences of others.' - ESCalate, Higher Education Academy
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