Serial Music, Serial Aesthetics: Compositional Theory in Post-War Europe

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Dezember 2004



Composers of serial music in post-war Europe wrote almost as much about music as the music itself, but the relationship between theory and practice in the work of key figures like Stockhausen, Eimert, Pousseur and Schnebel has often been misrepresented. Focusing on the controversial journal Die Reihe, this book traces serialism's cultural history, its debt to the artistic theories of Klee and Mondrian, and its relationship to contemporary developments in concrete art, poetry and information aesthetics. It sketches a aesthetic theory of serialism as an experimental music.


Acknowledgements; Note on the text; Introduction; Part I: 1. European culture in the post-war years; 2. The isolated tone: electronic and serial music, 1945-1954; Part II: 3. Electronic music - 'chaos or order'?; 4. Webern and Debussy; Part III: 5. Serial music as an aleatoric process; 6. 'Das Serielle'; Part IV: 7. Music and language; 8. Serial theory, serial practice - wherefore, and why?; Part V: Conclusion: Dorthin?; Bibliography; Index.


M. J. Grant specialises in new and experimental music and is currently working on a 3-year experimental music project in Berlin.


'A welcome and important publication.' Musical Times 'A rich and fascinating book.' Music Teacher
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