State and Court Ritual in China

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September 1999



This broad-ranging examination of Chinese state and court ritual from 1000 BC to AD 1750 represents the first modern account of the subject in any language. The essays, written by some of the most distinguished scholars in the field, demonstrate how and why ritual has played such a fundamental and often controversial role in the practice of Chinese politics. The book will be of interest to students of Chinese history and religion, as well as those seeking to understand the legacy of that history in the context of modern China.


1. Introduction Joseph P. McDermott; 2. Ancient Chinese ritual as seen in the material record Jessica Rawson; 3. The feng and shan sacrifices of Emperor Wu of the Han Mark Edward Lewis; 4. The imperial way of death in Han China Michael Loewe; 5. The emperor as bodhisattva: the bodhisattva ordination and ritual assemblies of Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty Andreas Janousch; 6. The death rites of Tan Daizong David L. McMullen; 7. The ceremony of gratitude Oliver Moore; 8. The imperial household cults Robert L. Chard; 9. The emperor in the village: representing the state in south China David Faure; 10. Emperor, elites, and commoners: the community pact ritual of the Late Ming Joseph P. McDermott; 11. Manchu Shamanic ceremonies at the Qing court Nicola Di Cosmo; 12. On theatre and theory: reflections on ritual in imperial Chinese politics James Laidlaw.


"Students and scholars of Chinese history, history of religions, anthropologists and comparative ritual will benefit from this addition to the field." Religious Studies Review "State Court Ritual in China marks a major contribution to the study of Chinese political ritual...Taken together, these learned essays highlight the centrality of ritual to the Chinese state." The Journal of Religion
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