Analysis of Seawater

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April 2006



This practice-oriented guidebook collects nearly all methods published since 1975 on the chemical analysis of seawaters. Detailed descriptions of both classical and most advanced physico-chemical and chemical techniques including 45 tables and 48 figures make this volume an invaluable source for analysts, oceanographers, fisheries experts, politicians and decision makers engaged in seawater environmental protection. The methods are presented in a logical manner so that the reader can readily learn to perform them.


Sampling and Storage.- Determination of Anions.- Anions in Estuary and Coastal Waters.- Dissolved Gases.- Cations in Seawater.- Cations in Estuary, Bay, and Coastal Waters.- Radioactive Elements.- Sample Preparation Prior to Analysis for Organics.- Organic Compounds.- Organometallic Compounds.- Elemental Analysis.



From the reviews: "This book covers all aspects of the analysis of seawater ... . While the book will be of obvious interest to anyone concerned with sea water environmental protection, it is believed that it will also be of interest to other groups of workers, including river Authorities who have to implement legal requirements regarding seawater pollution, oceanographers, and fisheries experts. The book will also be of interest to practising analysts and, not least, to the scientists and environmentalists." (International Journal of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 86, 2006)
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