The 8th Habit

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That the world has changed and is continuing to change at a rapid pace is not news. People are much more aware of everything around them. The consumer revolution has accelerated dramatically. But something vital is missing in all of this change. Leadership has not kept up with the changes going on in the world. From boardrooms to classrooms, leadership is being challenged on a daily basis yet now a new leadership model has been given. Dr Covey introduces the four roles of the new leader - modelling, pathfinding, aligning and empowering - and how those qualities can change you and your organisation. He discusses how trust can be lost throughout organisations and how it is imperative that any organisation bring trust back to the company if it is to survive. Covey also shows how to go from what he calls a 'want to' person to a 'can do' person and how doing so can completely transform people and organisations. Through his ideas, one will discover how to: Use the four vital roles to establish trust and make growth a given; build and sustain an atmosphere of respect and openness; keep and inspire your most talented workers; apply creative co-operation to reach new levels of performance; develop leadership at every level of your organisation; take advantage of strengths and compensate for weakness; reduce cynicism and improve morale.


Stephen R. Covey, US-Bestseller-Autor, Unternehmensberater und Therapeut, studierte in Harvard und promovierte an der Birmingham Young University, wo er 20 Jahre lang Professor für Business Management war. Er ist Gründer und Vorsitzender des Covey Leadership Centers (CLC) und des gemeinnützigen Institutes für Principle Centered Leadership. Zu seinen Beratungsklienten zählen mehr als 100 der Top-500-Unternehmen in den USA. Seine Bücher haben sich weltweit mehr als zwölfmillionenmal verkauft. Das "Time Magazin" kürte ihn zu einem der 25 einflussreichsten Menschen der Welt.
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