Rhetoric of Romanticism

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August 1986



-- Cynthia Chase, author of Decomposing Figures: Rhetorical Readings in the Romantic Tradition


Preface1 Intentional Structure of the Romantic Image2 The Image of Rousseau in the Poetry of Holderlin3 Wordsworth and Holderlin4 Autobiography As De-Facement5 Wordsworth and the Victorians6 Shelley Disfigured7 Symbolic Landscape in Wordsworth and Yeats8 Image and Emblem in Yeats9 Anthropomorphism and Trope in the Lyric10 Aesthetic Formalization: Kleist's Uber das MarionettentheaterNotesBibliography for Essay 8Notes on PermissionsIndex


Paul de Man


[ The Rhetoric of Romanticism] shows us how the narrative of a 500-line poem can contain more cliff-hanging suspense, more sudden alternation of vision and concealment, than a thousand pages of commonplace romantic adventures. -- Northrop Frye, Times Literary Supplement DeMan's legacy is an intellectual style of remarkable purity...a style marked by didactic fervour, whose undertow takes us into strange seas of thought, but it remains analytic and prosaic, with a minimum of semiotic play, and no mixing by montage of fiction and criticism. London Review of Books
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