Simplified Design of Building Structures

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This book is full of examples of what designers can do once they learn the basics. This book presents an overview of the structural design process for designers with limited backgrounds in engineering analysis and mathematics. Included is information on structural systems and materials, the development of the general form and basic elements of a specific system, and construction plans and details. Included are examples of eleven different structural systems, each with an explanation of the design and a sample set of construction plans and details.


BUILDING ONE. General Considerations for Building One. The Wood Structure. Construction Drawings. BUILDING TWO. General Considerations for Building Two. Design of the Wood Structure. Design of the Steel and Masonry Structure. Design of the Steel Truss Roof. BUILDING THREE. General Considerations for Building Three. Design of the Light Wood Structure. Design of the Timber and Masonry Structure. BUILDING FOUR. General Considerations for Building Four. Design of the Steel Structure. Design of the Concrete Structure. BUILDING FIVE. General Considerations for Building Five. Design of the Roof Structure. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.
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