Control Systems Engineering

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An up-to-date text designed for undergraduate courses in control systems engineering and principles of automatic controls. Focuses on design and implementation rather than just the mathematics of control systems.


Partial table of contents: Systems. Modeling, Analysis, and Control. Types of Models. Linearization. MODELING DYNAMIC SYSTEMS. Systems of Units. The Structure of Dynamic Models. Modeling Mechanical Elements. SYSTEM RESPONSE. Free Response of a First-Order Model. Step Response of a First-Order Model. Free Response of Second-Order Model. TRANSFER FUNCTION AND SYSTEM DIAGRAMS. The Laplace Transform and System Response. Transfer Functions. Block Diagrams. COMPUTER SIMULATION METHODS. Numerical Methods: An Introduction. Advanced Numerical Methods. Extension to Higher Order Models. FEEDBACK CONTROL SYSTEMS. Feedback Control: Concepts, History, and Applications. Control System Structure. Transducers and Error Detectors. CONTROL SYSTEM DESIGN: MODELING CONSIDERATIONS AND ALTERNATIVE CONTROL STRUCTURES. Selecting Controlling Gains. Design with Low-Order Models. Nonlinearities and Controller Performance. THE ROOT LOCUS PLOT. The Root Locus Concept. Plotting Guides. Some Numerical Aids. APPLICATIONS OF GRAPHICAL METHODS TO SYSTEM DESIGN. System Design with Open-Loop Frequency Response Plots. Series Compensation and PID Control. DIGITAL CONTROL SYSTEMS. Origin of Discrete-Time Models. Free Response. Sampling. Appendices.
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