The Cambridge History of the Bible: Volume 3, the West from the Reformation to the Present Day

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Dezember 2003



Volume 3 covers the effects of the Bible on the history of the West between the Reformation and the publication of the New English Bible.


Preface; 1. The Bible in the reformation Roland H. Bainton; 2. Biblical scholarship: editions and commentaries Basil Hall; 3. Continental versions to c.1600 Hans Volz, Kenelm Foster, S. Van Der Woude, E. M. Wilson, R. Auty, Bent Noack; 4. English versions of the Bible, 1525-1611 S. L. Greenslade; 5. The religion of protestants Norman Sykes; 6. The Bible in the Roman Catholic Church from trent to the present day F. J. Crehan; 7. The criticism and theological use of the Bible, 1700-1950 W. Neil; 8. The rise of modern biblical scholarship and recent discussion od the authority of the Bible Alan Richardson; 9. Continental versions from c.1600 to the present day Bernhard Dammermann, S. L. Greenslade, R. A. Sayce, S. Van Der Woude, E. M. Wilson, Bent Noack, Kenelm Foster; 10. English versions since 1611 Luther A. Weigle, C. F. D. Moule; 11. The Bible and the missionary Eric Fenn; 12. The printed Bible M. H. Black; 13. Epilogue S. L. Greenslade; Appendices D. R. Jones; Bibliography; Notes on the plates; Plates; Indexes.


'A masterly performance on a supremely important subject. The three volumes can hardly fail to become the standard history of the Bible.' Christianity Today 'Its authors are careful to avoid the winds of doctrine which would soon date it ... It is a work which will serve the living for many years.' Christian Century 'A landmark ... easily accessible to the general reader as well as the scholar.' Religion in Life 'The display of erudition takes one's breath away. Once you have the volume in hand, though, you will have difficulty putting it down.' America 'A unique and brilliantly edited three-volume work ...' Wilbur M. Smith, The Moody Bible Institute 'This splendid scholarly history of the Bible is the most complete and accurate work written ... a 'must' for every Bible student, minister, and teacher.' Southwestern Journal of Theology
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