Classical Criticism

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August 1993



The successful opening volume of The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism is now available for the first time in paperback.


1. Early Greek views of poets and poetry Gregory Nagy; 2. Language and meaning in Archaic and Classical Greece George A. Kennedy; 3. Plato and poetry G. R. F. Ferrari; 4. Aristotle's poetics Stephen Halliwell; 5. The evolution of a theory of artistic prose George A. Kennedy; 6. Hellenistic literary and philosophical scholarship George A. Kennedy and Doreen C. Innes; 7. The growth of literature and criticism at Rome Elaine Fantham; 8. Augustan critics Doreen C. Innes; 9. Latin criticism of the Early Empire Elaine Fantham; 10. Greek criticism of the Empire Donald A. Russell; 11. Christianity and criticism George A. Kennedy.


'Literary criticism matters because ... it is concerned not simply with the narrow issue of how we should read specific texts, but with larger and more fundamental questions about the nature and function of literature. The new Cambridge History of Literary Criticism, which aims to provide a comprehensive and authoritative treatment of the subject from classical antiquity to the present day, is therefore a welcome prospect. Volume One, the first of a projected nine volumes, covers the whole field of ancient criticism up to the early fourth century AD and provides the sort of thorough and judicious account that we would expect from a standard work of reference.' Times Higher Education Supplement 'It is impossible to overemphasize the importance and usefulness of this volume as a vademecum for all serious students of medieval textual production in its multiform evaluation and its complex, ever-changing relationship to larger intellectual, social and cultural norms.' Journal of English and Germanic Philology
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