Alban Berg

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September 1994



Adorno's study of Austrian composer Alban Berg (1885-1935) is a sui generis document. In addition to Adorno's personal account of of the life and musical works of his mentor, friend, and composition teacher, the book explores the historical and cultural significance of Berg's music, its relationship to that of other nineteenth- and twentieth-century composers, and to the larger issues of contemporary life.


Translators' introduction; A note on the translation; Preface; Tone Reminiscence; The works; Analysis and Berg; Piano sonata; Seven Early Songs; First String Quartet; The Altenberg Songs; Clarinet pieces; Orchestral pieces; Towards a characterisation of Wozzeck; Epilogomena to the Chamber Concerto; Lyric Suite; Der Wein; Experiences with Lulu; About the text; Afterword; Adorno's principal writings on Berg; Index.


' ... a remarkable document; a personal memoir and a study of the composer's works, it is also something more: a revelation of Adorno's belief that modern philosophy ought to be modelled on modern music. Adorno's Berg, one of his most provocative books, has been beautifully translated by Juliane Brand and Christopher Hailey.' The Times Literary Supplement
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