Fundamentals of Nonverbal Behavior

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Juni 1991



This series addresses the nature and expression of emotion and the process of social interaction.


Preface; Part I. Biological Approaches to Nonverbal Behaviour: 1. Neuropsychology of facial expression William E. Rinn; 2. Brain pathology, lateralization, and nonverbal behaviour Pierre Feyereisen; Part II. Sociodevelopmental Approaches to Nonverbal Behaviour: 3. The development of facial expresssions in infancy Linda A. Camras, Carol Malatesta and Carroll E. Izard; 4. Toward an ecology of expressiveness: family socialization in particular and a model in general Amy G. Halberstadt; Part III. Affective and Cognitive Processes: 5. Facial expression: methods, means, and moues Paul Ekman and Maureen O'Sullivan; 6. Voice and emotion Arvid Kappas, Ursula Hess and Klaus R. Scherer; 7. Gesture and speech Bernard Rime and Loris Schiaratura; Part IV. Individual Differences and Social Adaptation: 8. Expressiveness as an individual difference Antony S. R. Manstead; 9. Social competence and nonverbal behaviour Robert S. Feldman, Pierre Philippot and Robert J. Custrini; 10. Nonverbal and self-presentation: a developmental perspective Bella M. Depaulo; Part V. Interpersonal Processes: 11. Interpersonal coordination: behaviour matching and interactional synchrony Frank J. Bernieri and Robert Rosenthal; 12. Symbolic nonverbal behaviour: talking through gestures Pio Enrico Ricci Bitti and Isabella Poggi; 13. A fundamental approach to nonverbal exchange Miles L. Patterson; Author index; Subject index.


"...a set of state-of-the-art summaries, all of them informative and some truly excellent..." Robert M. Krauss, Contemporary Psychology "...will serve well as a useful reference for those wishing to learn of recent developments in the study of facial expressions, expressiveness, interpersonal coordination, neuropsychology of expression, voice and emotion, and gesture in relation to speech." Adam Kendon, Semiotica
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