Theories of Race and Ethnic Relations

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Juni 1988



This book brings together internatiO nally known scholars from a range of disciplines and theoretical traditions. In setting out the various theories it demonstrates the range and diversity of approaches to race and ethnic relations current in the field. As well as identifyinf important and persistent points of controversy, however, the collection also reveals much complementarity and indicates the potential for a multi-faceted approach to theorization. The theories represented include contributions from the perspective of sociology, social anthropology, sociobiology, and social psychology.


Preface John Rex; Introduction. Controversies and continuities in race and ethnic relations theory David Mason; 1. Intersecting strands in the theorisation of race and ethnic relations J. Milton Yinger; 2. Epistemological assumptions in the study of racial differentiation Michael Banton; 3. The role of class analysis in the study of race relations - a Weberian perspective John Rex; 4. Varieties of Marxist conceptions of 'race', class and the state: a critical analysis John Solomos; 5. Class concepts, class struggle and racism Harold Wolpe; 6. A political analysis of local struggles for racial equality Gideon Ben-Tovim, John Gabriel, Ian Law and Kathleen Stredder; 7. Ethnicity and Third World development: political and academic contexts Marshall W. Murphree; 8. Social anthropological models of inter-ethnic relations Richard Jenkins; 9. Pluralism, race and ethnicity in selected African countries M. G. Smith; 10. Ethnicity and the boundary process in context Sandra Wallman; 11. Ethnicity and the sociobiology debate Pierre L. van der Berghe; 12. Rational choice theory and the study of race and ethnic relations Michael Hechter; 13. The 'Chicago School' of American sociology, symbolic interactionism, and race relations theory Barbara Ballis Lal; 14. The operationalisation of identity theory in racial and ethnic relations Peter Weinreich; Bibliography; Index.


' ... by collecting in one volume such a diversity of perspectives, the book serves an important function and is a useful guide to the literature on race and ethnic theory.' Contemporary Sociology 'Understanding comes before action and few scholars have approached Rex's lifetime contribution to our understanding of race and ethnic relations.' The Sociological Review
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