Modern Revolutions: An Introduction to the Analysis of a Political Phenomenon

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An examination of eight major revolutions of the twentieth century.


Preface to the first edition; Introduction to the second edition; Introduction: the ideological dilemmas of modern revolution and its analysis; 1. Russia; 2. Mexico; 3. China; 4. Yugoslavia; 5. Vietnam; 6. Algeria; 7. Turkey; 8. Cuba; Conclusion: approaches to the ideological assessment and causal explanation of modern revolutions; Bibliography: guide to further reading; Supplementary reading, 1971-88; Index.


'Mr Dunn has written a very interesting, subtle, provocative and difficult book.' James Joll, The Sunday Times 'In analysing how and why revolutions have occurred, John Dunn's distinguished book raises the level of sophistication on which argument can proceed ... No brief summary, however, can do justice to Dunn's achievement in this book, which illuminates the whole subject in a way no other writer has hitherto done ... it will be widely appreciated by those seeking a study of exceptional integrity.' Third World ' ... the book is a brilliant effort. It gives the reader much to think about in its summaries of leading points of the debates over eight different twentieth-century revolutions.' Journal of Social History ' ... the perfect introduction to the subject for the use of intelligent students.' George Lichtheim
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