The Taste for Beauty

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A collection of essays by the film-maker and critic Eric Rohmer written between 1948 1979.


Foreword to French Edition; 1. The Critical Years - Interview with Eric Rohmer Jean Narboni; Part I. The Classical Age of Cinema Cinema: 2. The art of space; 3. For a talking cinema; 4. The romance is gone; 5. Reflections on color; 6. The classical age of cinema; 7. Such vanity is painting; 8. Isou or Things As They Are?; Of three films and of a certain school Of taste and colors; The taste for Beauty Letter to a critic - Concerning my moral tales; 9. Film and the three levels of discourse?; Part II. For an unpure cinema Andre Bazin's 'Summa': 10. Lesson of a failure - Moby Dick John Houston; 11. Explanation of a vet - South Pacific Joshua Logan Faith and mountains - Les Etoiles de Midi Marchel Ichac; 12. The photogenics of sport; Alfred Hitchcock: 13. Vertigo IV. Jean Renoir; 14. The American Renoir Elena and Her Man (Venus and the Apes); 15. Renoir's youth; 16. The Little Theater of Jean Renoir; 17. Filmgraphy of Rohmer films; Index.


"...valuable additions to film scholarship..." Library Journal "Film scholarship is richly served in...The Taste for Beauty... Carol Volk's translation is notable for its lucid rendering of the subtleties of the French language." George L. George, American Cinematographer
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