Efficient Parallel Algorithms

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Januar 1990



This largely self-contained text is an introduction to the field of efficient parallel algorithms and to the techniques for efficient parallelism, that presumes no special knowledge of parallel computers or particular mathematics. The book emphasizes designing algorithms within the timeless and abstracted context of a high-level programming language rather than within highly specific computer architectures. This is an approach that concentrates on the essence of algorithmic theory, determining and taking advantage of the inherently parallel nature of certain types of problems. The authors present regularly-used techniques and a range of algorithms including some of the more celebrated ones. Nonspecialists considering entering the field of parallel algorithms, as well as advanced undergraduate or postgraduate students of computer science and mathematics will find this book helpful.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Graph algorithms; 3. Expression evaluation; 4. Parallel recognition and parsing of context-free languages; 5. Fast parallel sorting; 6. Parallel string matching; 7. P-completeness: hardly parallelisable problems; Index.


"...a coherent introduction for all those who wish to enter this new field of research...a valuable contribution to the expository literature and will certainly become a favoured introduction to the field of parallel algorithms." Mathematical Reviews "Highly recommended." Choice "...a successful introduction to the area of parallel algorithms and to methods for parallelisation." N. I. Yanev, Mathematical Reviews
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