Primes and Programming: An Introduction to Number Theory with Computing

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In this book, Peter Giblin describes, in the context of an introduction to the theory of numbers, some of the more elementary methods for factorization and primality testing; that is, methods independent of a knowledge of other areas of mathematics. Indeed everything is developed from scratch so the mathematical prerequisites are minimal.


Preface; 1. The fundamental theorem, GCDs and LCMs; 2. Listing primes; 3. Congruences; 4. Powers and pseudoprimes; 5. Miller's test and strong pseudoprimes; 6. Euler's theorem, orders and primality testing; 7. Cryptography; 8. Primitive roots; 9. The number of divisors d and the sum of divisors; 10. Continued fractions and factoring; 11. Quadratic residues; References; Index.


"An interesting, sophisticated introduction to number theory..." American Mathematical Monthly "Of the many volumes I have seen about 'number theory and computing', this delightful, if unorthodox, introductory text is probably the finest...a great strength of this book is its emphasis on computing and on computing examples. There are several programs included in the text, often different algorithms for achieving the same computational result, and both theoretical and practical reasons for preferring one method over another are discussed. The programming language is Pascal, which is perfectly appropriate...[and] there are a great many numerial exercises and examples...only the deadest of students could possibly consider this dry; the author has brought life and energy to the subject by his presentation." Duncan Buell, Mathematical Reviews
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