Chopin Studies 2

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Januar 2004



This second volume of Chopin essays contains Chopin research by twelve leading scholars.


Preface; 1. Chopin reception: theory, history, analysis Jim Samson; 2. Chopin as 'salon composer' in nineteenth-century German criticism Andreas Ballstaedt; 3. Chopin as modernist in nineteenth-century Russia Anne Swartz; 4. Small fairy voices: sex, history and meaning in Chopin Jeffrey Kallberg; 5. Chopin's Ballade Op. 23 and the revolution of the intellectuals Karol Berger; 6. The Polonaise-Fantasy and issues of musical narrative Anthony Newcomb; 7. Placing Chopin: reflections on a compositional aesthetic Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger; 8. Ambiguity and reinterpretation in Chopin Edward T. Cone; 9. The Prelude in E minor Op. 28 No. 4: autograph sources and interpretation Carl Schachter; 10. Performing the F# minor Prelude Op. 28 No. 8 L. Henry Shaffer; 11. Chopin's tempo rubato in context David Rowland; 12. Authentic Chopin: history, analysis and intuition in performance John Rink; Appendix: encounters with Chopin: Fanny Erskine's Paris diary, 1847-8 Jeremy Barlow; Index.


'A book that no serious student should be without ... refreshingly sane.' Jeremy Siepmann, Classical Music 'An immensely valuable and well-researched book.' Stephen Haylett, BBC Music Magazine 'Intermittently engrossing ...' Susan Bradshaw, Musical Times
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