Structure Formation in the Universe

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Dezember 1992



This text provides an up-to-date and pedagogical introduction to this exciting area of research.


Preface; Part I. The Smooth Universe: 1. Introducing the Universe; 2. The Friedmann model; 3. Thermal history of the Universe; Part II. The Clumpy Universe: 4. Growth of linear perturbations; 5. Statistical properties of the density fluctuations; 6. The microwave background radiation; 7. The linear theory: velocity fields; 8. The non-linear evolution; 9. The non-linear theory: high redshift objects; Part III. Towards a More Complete Picture: 10. The origin of initial perturbations; 11. Dark matter; 12. Epilogue; Appendices; Notes and references; Index.


'Padmanabhan has written an invaluable exposition from first physical principles of almost all the things that a new graduate student embarking upon research in theoretical cosmology needs to know ... A unique feature, for a book at this level, is the extensive collection of advanced problems at the end of each chapter ... Overall, I found Padmanabhan's book to be an extremely useful working text that covers most of the topics at the research frontier.' Prof. John Barrow, Times Higher Educational Supplement 'This highly readable book gives an excellent exposition of the ideas and methods required up to now, to carry through the programme of modelling structure formation in the universe ... the main points and the key ideas are presented in a form that should not date rapidly. The author is to be congratulated on achieving this difficult task.' ol 12:9, Classical and Quantum Gravity ' ... destined to become a classic of its kind.' New Scientist
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