Behaviour and Evolution

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September 1994



This book illustrates how the profound changes in our understanding of evolution have influenced behavioral research. Its chapters span both studies of how behavior itself has evolved, dealing with topics such as comparative studies, the genetics of behavior, speciation, and the evolution of sociality and of intelligence, and also the adaptiveness that this evolution has brought about, with treatment of mating and fighting strategies, and theories of kinship and altruism.


1. Introduction; 2. Behaviour genetics and evolution A. A. Hoffmann; 3. Behaviour and speciation R. K. Butlin and M. G. Ritchie; 4. The phylogeny of behaviour J. L. Gittleman and D. M. Decker; 5. Strategies of behaviour I. F. Harvey; 6. Sex and evolution T. R. Halliday; 7. Kinship and altruism P. J. B. Slater; 8. The evolution of intelligence R. W. Byrne; 9. Social structure and evolution P. C. Lee; References; Index.


'The editors and contributors ... have lucidly and interestingly represented current work and ideas in this core area of biology and psychology. This text presents clearly a rich sampling of both the details of animal behavior and analyses of its evolutionary processes and patterns ... a lucid presentation such as this can illuminate the entire field.' R. Goldthwaite, Systems Research and Behavioral Science
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