The Market and Beyond: Cooperation and Competition in Information Technology

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November 2002



This book examines the Japanese success in technology through their Innovation System, improving products and their foresight.


List of figures; List of tables; Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. A periodisation of the development of the computer and electronic devices industry in Japan, 1948-1979; 3. The ULSI research project, 1976-80; 4. The optical measurement and control system project, 1979-85; 5. The high speed computing system for scientific and technological uses project (the supercomputer project), 1981-89; 6. The future electronic devices project, 1981-1990; 7. The fifth generation computer project, 1982-1991; 8. Cooperation and competition in the Japanese computing and electronic devices industry: a quantitative analysis; 9. Conclusions and theoretical implications; Appendices; References; Index.


' ... the book contains an important message for those who believe that the West can borrow from Japan's experience with collaboration.' Guy de Jonquieres, Financial Times 'The narrative aspect can hardly be faulted ... the author presents a painstaking but fascinating account of how MITI managed to persuade the reluctant management of, say, Fujitsu or Hitachi to pool some of their research efforts.' Andrea Boltho, Times Higher Educational Supplement ' ... extremely well-researched ... its greatest strength is that it tries to explain as well as describe ... as an exercise in comparative industrial organisation [it] is something of a tour de force.' Journal of Information Technology
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