The Cambridge Companion to Henry David Thoreau

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September 2004



The Cambridge Companion to Henry David Thoreau is an accessible guide to reading and understanding the works of Thoreau. Presenting essays by a distinguished array of contributors, the Companion is a valuable resource for historical and contextual material, whether on early writings such as A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, on the monumental Walden, or on his Journal and later writings. It also serves as a biographical guide, offering insights into his publishing career and his brief but extraordinarily original life. In short, the Companion helps the reader to approach Thoreau's writings, as he would say, "deliberately and reservedly", by suggesting how Thoreau uses language, how his biography informs his writing, how personal and historical influences shaped his career, and how his writings function as literary works.


1. Thoreau's reputation Walter Harding; 2. Thoreau and Concord Robert D. Richardson, Jr; 3. Thoreau and Emerson Robert Sattelmeyer; 4. A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers Linck C. Johnson; 5. Thoreau as poet Elizabeth Hall Wetherell; 6. Thoreau and his audience Steven Fink; 7.Walden Richard J. Schneider; 8. Thoreau in his journal Leonard N. Neufeldt; 9. The Maine Woods Joseph J. Moldenhauer; 10. 'A Wild Rank Place': Thoreau's Cape Cod Philip F. Gura; 11. Thoreau's later natural history writings Ronald Wesley Hoag; 12. Thoreau and the natural environment Lawrence Buell; 13. Thoreau and reform Len Gougeon; Index.


"Taken together, the essays provide a comprehensive guide to how to read, understand, and appreciate Thoreau...Myerson should be commended for selecting and gathering the very best on Thoreau in a single slim volume." Choice "...this volume works splendidly well both for beginning students and for seasoned Thoreauvians, several of the most distinguished being among Myerson's contributors." Nineteenth-Century Literature
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