Religion and the Making of Society: Essays in Social Theology

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Dezember 2003



A wide-ranging account by a leading theologian of the function of religion in society.


General editors' preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction: from the secular to the supernatural; Part I. Society, Religion and Human Agency: 1. Society and the critique of modernity; 2. The present social function of religion; 3. From inwardness to social action: the transformation of the political; 4. The Christian question to radicalism; Part II. Praxis, Narrative and Religious Language: 5. Theology and praxis; 6. Revelation, historical continuity and the rationality of tradition; 7. The political use and misuse of religious language; Part III. From the Modern Subject to the Post-Modern Self: 8. Our new religious identity; 9. Post-modernity and the formation of the self; Part IV. The Option for the Future: 10. What remains of socialism as a moral and religious ideal; 11. Communicative rationality and the grounding of religious hope; Index.
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