A Theory of Computer Semiotics

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In this highly important work, the author presents a novel, yet systematic and practical way of implementing concepts so that they become useful in the design and analysis of computer systems.


Part I. Theory: 1. The structuralist heritage; 2. Adapting and extending structuralist methods; Part II. Computers: Introduction; 3. The basic means of expression; 4. Composite computer-based signs; Part III. Language, Work and Design: Introduction; 5. Language as interpretation: semantic fields in the postal giro; 6. Language as action: language games in the postal giro; 7. Task analysis: controlling control; References; Index.


"...it will introduce you to a new way of thinking about programs and how people use them." Vivienne S. Begg, Computer "Because it systematically develops how semiotics can be applied to the study of human-computer interactions, HCI researchers will find the book stimulating, even if their own approach is different. Finally, systems builders who are languishing for lack of a methodology could do worse than to review Andersen's approach." H. Van Dyke Parunak, Computing Reviews "The book is a bold enterprise. It is an interesting and sometimes fascinating stab at a statement of a theory that is needed." Robin Fawcett, Computational Linguistics "Andersen not only provides semiotic means of evaluation, he also presents a further development of the two concepts, which may open interesting perspectives not only for computer scientists but also for semioticians. His typology of speech acts, in particular, introduces a new approach that could prove useful to speech-act theorists." Bernhard Debatin, Semiotic Review of Books "This book is a refreshing one: it aims to explore computer systems within the paradigm of semiotics instead of within the more restricted purview of logic or linguistics and manages to open new conceptual horizons." Jean Guy Meunier, Semiotica
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