Soil Physics

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Now in its third edition, this textbook gives a comprehensive account of soil physics with emphasis on field applications.


1. Composition of soil; 2. Interaction of soil and water; 3. Measurement of water content and potential; 4. Principles of water movement in soil; 5. Distribution of water in soil; 6. Groundwater in soils and aquifers; 7. The use of isotopes and other tracers in soil water and groundwater; 8. Soil structure; 9. Deformation of soil; 10. Management of soil water; 11. Soil erosion and conservation; 12. Chemical transport in soil; 13. The physical environment of roots; 14. Plants and soil water; Appendices; References; Index.


'This attractive book should be welcomed ... the authors make a point of drawing the attention of the reader to exciting new areas of research in soil physics, which should be stimulating to students and young researchers.' American Scientist 'This is an excellent book, of interest to students of soil physics and related subjects and to those workers in other fields who need an up-to-date but perceptive account.' Journal of Soil Science 'The material is readable and attractively presented ... a very good book, which should become widely adopted.' Nature
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