Basic Simple Type Theory

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An introduction to type theory for computer scientists.


Introduction; 1. The type-free lambda-calculus; 2. Assigning types to terms; 3. The principal-type algorithm; 4. Type assignment with equality; 5. A version using typed terms; 6. The correspondence with implication; 7. The converse principal-type algorithm; 8. Counting a type's inhabitants; 9. Technical details; Answers to starred exercises; Bibliography; Table of principal types; Index.


"This is an excellent introduction to type theory. It doesn't bog the reader down in any of the messy details of the proofs and yet it provides many of the most interesting results in the field...Overall, it is a great book for someone who wants to get his feet wet in type theory, but doesn't want to get in over his head." Sigact News "...the book makes useful and stimulating reading and it will be an essential tool for computer scientists working in type theory and related areas." Mathematical Reviews The proofs in this book are given in great detail, and still the author succeeds in writing the book in a clear but not too technical style. It is easy and pleasurable to read this book." Journal of Symbolic Logic
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