Delinquency and Crime: Current Theories

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April 2004



This book contains essays by nine leading criminologists that seek to answer questions by describing current theories of crime and the research evidence that supports them. These essays seek to link factors at different levels in internally consistent theories of crime. Each essay explores the practical implications of the authors' theoretical work for crime prevention and control.


Introduction J. David Hawkins; 1. Developmental continuity, change, and pathways in male juvenile problem behaviors and delinquency Rolf Loeber; 2. Delinquent friends and delinquent behavior: temporal and developmental patterns Delbert S. Elliott and Scott Menard; 3. The explanation and prevention of youthful offending David P. Farrington; 4. The social development model: a theory of antisocial behavior Richard F. Catalano and J. David Hawkins; 5. Empirical support for interactional theory: a review of the literature Terence P. Thornberry; 6. The use of contextual analysis in models of criminal behavior Robert J. Bursik Jr.; 7. An adaptive strategy theory of crime and delinquency David C. Rowe.
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