The New Macroeconomics: Imperfect Markets and Policy Effectiveness

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This book focuses on the rapidly growing research field of imperfect competition, asymmetric information, and other market imperfections in a macroeconomic context. It brings together leading researchers from the U.S. and Europe to examine the implications for macroeconomic policy of market imperfections in output, labor and financial markets. All the contributions are original, and include several general surveys and expository chapters that synthesize the larger literature, along with some state-of-the-art research at the frontier of the discipline. This is the first volume to focus exclusively on this literature. It should be a valuable resource for graduate students and researchers in macroeconomics.


Introduction Huw Dixon and Neil Rankin; Part I. Overviews and Perspectives: 1. Classical and Keynesian features in macroeconomic models with imperfect competition Jean-Pascal Benassy; 2. Imperfect competition and macroeconomics: a survey Huw Dixon and Neil Rankin; 3. Notes on imperfect competition and new Keynesian economics Richard Startz; Part II. Goods Market Imperfections: 4. Optimal labour contracts and imperfect competition: a framework for analysis Russell Cooper; 5. Market power, coordination failures and endogenous fluctuations Claude d'Aspremont, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira, and Louis-Andre Gerard-Varet; 6. Macroeconomic externalities Andrew John; Part III. Labour Market Imperfections: 7. Demand uncertainty and unemployment in a monopoly union model Omar Licandro; 8. Efficiency wages as a persistence mechanism Gilles Saint-Paul; 9. Efficiency, enforceability and acyclical wages Christian Schultz; 10. Business fluctuations, worker moral hazard and optimal environment policy Jon Strand; Part IV. Financial Market Imperfections: 11. The stock market and equilibrium recessions Jeff Frank; 12. Asymmetric information, investment finance and real business cycles Brian Hillier and Tim Worrall; Part V. Nominal Rigidities and Bounded Rationality: 13. Hedging, multiple equilibria and nominal contracts Daron Acemoglu; 14. Information acquisition and nominal price adjustment Torben M. Andersen and Morten Hviid; 15. Expectation calculation, hyperinflation and currency collapse George W. Evans and Garey Ramey; 16. Menu costs and aggregate price dynamics Alan Sutherland; Bibliography.
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