The Reformation and Rural Society: The Parishes of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach, 1528 1603

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What was the effect of the Reformation movement on the parishioners of the German countryside? This book examines the reform movement at the level of its implementation - the rural parish.


Introduction; 1. The emergence and reception of the evangelical movement, 1521-1533; 2. The Lutheran church in Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach; 3. The clergyman in context: the extension of the Reformation on the parish; 4. The Reformation and parish morality; 5. The acculturation of the parish mind; Conclusions.


"Dixon's careful and detailed research in judicial records provides a wealth of anecdotes that demonstrate the central role of the pastor in attempting to create an orderly moral society." Choice "...provicative...fortuitous...The book is clearly and tightly organized...his study of parish life in the late sixteenth century is much more original." Marc R. Forster, The Sixteenth Century Journal "...Dixon efficiently sketches the introduction of Lutheran ideas to Brandenburg-Ansbach, and the creation of a working church hierarchy under margraves's tight control...the theories involved are well developed and ripe for critical reevaluation...a precise and detailed analysis of a well chosen case." Randolph C. Head, Central European History "Dixon succeeds admirably..." Joel F. Harrington, American Historical Review "Dixon's study is a fine addition to the small but growing literature on the Reformation in rural areas." Mary Jane Haemig, Lutheran Quarterly
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