In the Shadow of the Holocaust: The Second Generation

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September 1996



Drawing on interviews and survey materials, Aaron Hass--a child of survivors himself--provides a vibrant account of the experiences of survivors' children. Now in their thirties and forties, these men and women describe their relationships with their parents and offer their perceptions of the impact of the Holocaust on their families. They give voices to memories and feelings about which some of them have never before spoken.


Introduction; 1. The psychological profile of survivors; 2. Intergenerational transmission; 3. 'For this I survived the camps?'; 4. Recounting the stories; 5. Children describe their parents; 6. Jews and Gentiles; 7. In case it should happen again; 8. Can I believe in God?; 9. The third generation; 10. The legacy; Appendix; Notes; Index of Names.


'In the Shadow of the Holocaust is among the very best in the Holocaust literature, an exemplary model for the rest of us who study others and try to make sense of what we see and hear.' Robert Coles, Harvard University
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