Innovations in Healthcare Design: Selected Presentations from the First Five Symposia on Healthcare Design

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Mai 1995



Innovations in Healthcare Design What are the economic and medical trends affecting healthcare design today? How does patient-focused care relate to the design of facilities? What design elements and policy factors contribute to a healing environment? Is there research that connects design to wellness? Which healthcare projects are good examples of therapeutic design? If you’ re involved in the planning and design of new or renovated healthcare facilities, you need to know the answers to these questions. For it is the ability to create an environment that positively affects therapeutic outcomes and improves staff satisfaction that will set you apart in today’ s competitive healthcare market. Innovations in Healthcare Design is a collection of edited presentations by design and health pioneers, culled from the first five years of the influential Symposium on Healthcare Design. The Symposium, founded in 1986 to explore how the design of the physical environment positively affects the quality of healthcare, has a speaker roster that reads like the " Who’ s Who in Healthcare Design." And this book is the best of the best. You won’ t find a gathering of minds like this anywhere else in print. A Postscript written by Wayne Ruga, the leading healthcare design industry advocate, eloquently sums up the importance of design and proposes some next steps for the industry to move forward. Mr. Ruga, AIA, IIDA, Allied Member ASID, the founder of the Symposium, has won the respect of healthcare designers, executives, and practitioners with his earnest crusade for improved healthcare facilities around the world. Whatever your specialty in today’ s booming health industry— architect, interior designer, product designer, manufacturer, sales representative, healthcare executive, practitioner, or educator — you’ ll find indispensable information in this book on programming, planning, and designing facilities to meet the highe


NEW POSSIBILITIES. The Outlook for Healthcare Design in the Era of Reform (R. Coile). Acute Care Design: Emerging Trends (W. Jones). Ambulatory Care Design: The New Generation (G. Pressler). A SENSITIVE APPROACH. History of Healthcare Environments (N. Kellman & M. Arch). Future Trends in Healing (R. Gerber). PATIENT-FOCUSED CARE. Patient Perspective (S. Baier). The Planetree Philosophy (R. Orr). DESIGN IMPACT. Effects of Healthcare Interior Design on Wellness: Theory and Recent Scientific Research (R. Ulrich). Design for Therapeutic Outcomes (M. Williams). Psychoneuroimmunology (M. Gappell). Creating a Total Healing Environment (P. Linton). Defining and Conveying Design Value (B. Geddis). DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES. Color for Healing (A. Torrice). Beyond Silence: Music as Environmental Design (S. Mazer & D. Smith). Art of Health: Emerging Trends (H. Oren). PROJECT EXAMPLES/PEDIATRICS. New Regional Children's Hospital at Stanford, (F. Cleper-Borkovi, et al.). With Children in Mind: Novel Approaches to Waiting Area and Playroom Design (A. Olds). The STARBRIGHT Pavillion (J. Diaz). PROJECT EXAMPLES/HOSPITALS AND MEDICAL OFFICES. The Aga Khan University and Medical Center. Lambeth Community Care Center (R. Nicholson). Medical Office Design: Theory and Types (J. Malkin). PROJECT EXAMPLES/LONG-TERM CARE. Theory and Types (M. Cohen). The Corinne Dolan Alzheimer Center (M. Calkins). Postscript (W. Ruga). Index.


About the Author is a accomplished journalist and communications professional with over ten years of experience in the design industry. She is president of Sara Marberry Communications, Inc. and a former editor of Contract, a national magazine read by over 30,000 interior designers and architects. Ms. Marberry is a member of the Board of Directors for The Center for Health Design and is editor of the newsletter Asclepius. She has edited volumes III, IV, VI, and VII of the Journal of Healthcare Design.
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