Culture and Society in the Stuart Restoration: Literature, Drama, History

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Dezember 2004



Literary and cultural changes reflecting new commercial and imperial interests of Restoration Britain.


Introduction; 1. Literature, culture, and society in Restoration England Gerald MacLean; Part I. Drama and Politics: 2. The quest for consensus the lord mayor's shows in the 1670s John Patrick Montano; 3. Politics and the restoration masque the case of Dido and Aeneas Andrew Walkling; 4. Factionary politics John Crowne's Henry VI Nancy Klein Maguire; Part II. Authorship and Authority: 5. Pepys and the private parts of monarchy James Grantham Turner; 6. Milton, Samson Agonistes, and the Restoration Blair Worden; 7. Milton, Dryden, and the politics of literary controversy Steven N. Zwicker; 8. 'Is he like other men?' The meaning of the Principia Mathematica, and the author as idol Robert Iliffe; Part III. Women and Writing: 9. A woman's best setting out is silence: the writings of Hannah Wolley Elaine Hobby; 10. Obedient subjects? The loyal self in some later seventeenth-century women's memoirs N. H. Keeble; Part IV. Empire and Aftermaths: 11. Seventeenth-century Quaker women: displacement, colonialism, and anti-slavery discourse Moira Ferguson; 12. Republicanism, absolutism and universal monarchy: English popular sentiment during the third Dutch war Steven C. A. Pincus; 13. Reinterpreting the 'glorious revolution': Catharine Macaulay and radical response Bridget Hill.


"The high level of scholarship now being produced is well represented in Gerald MacLean's new collection of essays...The book as a whole is well-presented..." D.R. Woolf, Dalhousie Review "This entertaining collection of essays accomplishes two significant feats: it offers a strong set of individual pieces on particular late seventeenth-century writers that, when read together, invite one to speculate more generally on the ways in which 'the restoration' has been delineated and investigated by different academic disciplines...Culture and Society in the Stuart Restoration handsomely delivers on its openeing promise to cause us to think more deeply about the ways in which individuals respond to dramatic national changes and the ways we study them." Margaret J. M. Ezell, Modern Philology
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