National Identity and Foreign Policy

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August 1998



Examining the recent history of Poland, Russia and Ukraine, this book examines how national identity affects foreign policy decisions.


Introduction: a statement of the arguments; 1. National identity and foreign policy: a dialectical relationship; 2. Polish identity 1795-1944: from romanticism to positivism to ethno-nationalism; 3. Poland after World War II: native conservatism and the return to Central Europe; 4. Polish foreign policy in perspective: a new encounter with positivism; 5. Russia's national identity and the accursed question: a strong state and a weak society; 6. Russian identity and the Soviet period; 7. Russia's foreign policy reconsidered; 8. Ukraine: the ambivalent identity of a submerged nation, 1654-1945; 9. Post-World War II Ukraine: birth pangs of a modern identity; 10. Foreign policy as a means of nation building.


'The work by Ilya Prizel is a theoretically sophisticated analysis of ... how different strands of nationalism evolve in dialectic interaction with the outside world.' NOD and Conversion ' ... Prizel's study bristles with thought-provoking insights ...' Political Studies
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