The Life of Debussy

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April 2003



The early music of Claude Debussy was influenced by Wagner, but Debussy's music became experimental and individualistic. He quickly moved away from traditional techniques and produced the pictures in sound that led his work to be described as "musical Impressionism". This new biography--the first in English in 30 years--offers new insights into the life of this enigmatic composer. 21 photos.


1. Childhood and musical studies (1862-1884); 2. Roman holiday? (1885-1887); 3. A Bohemian in Paris (1887-1893); 4. Scandals and masterpieces (1894-1901); 5. Idol and victim (1902-1907); 6. Travels and travails (1908-1914); 7. War and last years (1914-1918); Envoi.


'A short but searching new biography of Debussy by Roger Nichols is one of an admirable CUP series 'Musical Lives', authoritative texts aimed at a broader intelligent readership. That Nichols's far from superficial study is most stylishly written and approachable goes without saying, and indeed its very concision brings significant aspects of Debussy's life and work into sharper focus.' Musical Times 'Roger Nichols has absorbed this greatly expanded range of information and by skilful selection compressed it into less than 170 pages of text.' Times Literary Supplement 'The volume is written with a cool delicacy and precision apt to its subject.' The Times Higher Education Supplement 'The most revealing and engagingly written single-volume biography of Claude Debussy, by the doyen of French music experts.' Classic FM Magazine
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