Money and the Economy: Issues in Monetary Analysis

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Juni 2004



Looks at the effect of money on output from a theoretical and practical perspective.


Preface; 1. A review of the issues; 2. The monetary mechanism: markets for assets; 3. Fiscal policy, prices and wages, unemployment and related issues; 4. Monetary policy: problems and potential; Discussion; Comments.


'This book represents the last in a long and distinguished line of works on monetary economics by Karl Brunner and Allan Meltzer ... a masterful overview of the relationship between money and output ... There is a happy mixture of retrospective and a prospective analysis in the lectures, evaluating received economic theory and suggesting future economic policy. As a readable and insightful appraisal of monetarist economics in comparison with its rivals I recommend the book'. The Economic Journal 'The author is a renowned researcher in this area. His book will serve not only as an introduction to the topic, but it will certainly remain as a major reference on collocation methods for many years.' Numerical Algorithms
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