Patriarchy, Property and Death in the Roman Family

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Februar 2004



This innovative study of the patriarchy belies the accepted notion of the father figure as tyrannical and exploitative.


1. Introduction: approaches to the history of the Roman family; Part I. Roman Life Course and Kinship: Biology and Culture: 2. Roman patterns of death, marriage and birth; 3. Simulations of Roman family and kinship; Part II. Roman Family and Culture: Definitions and Norms: 4. Familia and domus: defining and representing the Roman family and household; 5. Pietas and patria potestas: obligation and power in the Roman household; 6. Whips and words: discipline and punishment in the Roman household; Part III. The Devolution of Property in the Roman Family: 7. Strategies of succession in Roman families; 8. Guardianship of Roman children; 9. Dowries and daughters in Rome; 10. Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


' ... a remarkable book, impressive in its command of diverse materials and methodologies and certain to inspire further advances'. American Historical Review
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