Making Business Decisions: Real Cases from Real Companies

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Juni 1994



Working with rear case studies of successful international and American companies, students gain insight into business practices, develop cultural awareness, and get a feel for the excitement and challenge of working in today's global business world.Making Business Decisions has ten chapters that feature:
-- Authentic business materials, including photos, charts, and press articles
-- Interviews with executives (cassette and tapescript included)
-- Contextualized vocabulary exercises with idioms and business concepts
-- Negotiation strategies and practice with appropriate language
-- Business letters, interoffice memos, and proposals
-- Issues such as international marketing, the environment, and business ethics


Unit 1 Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation Adapting to the Japanese Market Product: Fast-Food Restaurants Themes: Franchising; Marketing Internationally Writing: Business Proposal (Introductory Lesson) Unit 2 Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, Inc. Making Ethical Decisions in Business Product: Pharmaceuticals Themes: Crisis Management: Public Relations; Ethics in Business Writing: Business Letter (Introductory Lesson) Unit 3 Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. Developing a Compensation Policy Product: Ice Cream Themes: Employer-Employee Relations; Socially Responsible Business Writing: Interoffice Letter (Introductory Lesson) Unit 4 Levi Strauss & Co. Applying Market Research to New Product Development Product: Clothing Themes: Market Research; Saving a Failing Product Writing: Interoffice Letter Unit 5 Stew Leonard's Dairy Store Satisfying the Supermarket Customer Product: Groceries Themes: Retail Sales; Listening to the Customer Writing: Business Letter; Suggestions Unit 6 Airbus Industry and the Boeing Company Negotiating International Trade Agreements Product: Airplanes Themes: Government/Industry Relations; International Trade Writing: Interoffice Letter Unit 7 Kidselebration, Inc. Expanding a Small Children's Products Business Product: Children's Music Tapes Themes: Copyrights and Trademarks; Creating New Products and Markets Writing: Business Letter Unit 8 Akzo n.v. Responding to Environmental Concerns in Europe Product: Chemicals, Paints, Fibers, and Pharmaceuticals Themes: Environmental Regulation; Balancing Profits and Environmental Protection Writing: Business Letter Unit 9 Perdue Farms, Inc. Designing an Advertising Campaign Product: Poultry Themes: Cultural Elements in Advertising; Designing Effective Advertisements Writing: Storyboard Unit 10 Crosby Valve & Cage Company Choosing a Latin American Manufacturing Base Product: Valves for Steam, Gas, and Liquids Themes: Cultural Elements in Advertising; Designing Effective Advertisements Writing: Storyboard Appendix A: Answer Key for Reviewing Background Information and Vocabulary Appendix B: Information for Exercise 5 Paired Activities Appendix C: Negotiating Strategies Tapescript
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